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Carpet of Life is a fair design brand working with traditional boucherouite artisans in the remote Saharan desert of Morocco.

In our conversation with Marion and Hendrikje, we learn how the crafting process brings new life to old garments, and how this collaboration not only activates a process of recycling and renewing of materials, but also a cultural and social exchange through a sharing of stories and memories. This exchange from consumer to producer highlights the artisan’s role of bringing stories and memories to life through weaving.

Whilst the Carpet of Life serves to sustain new income opportunities for women in the remote oasis of M’hamid El Ghizlane, Marion and Hendrikje explain how tourism is engaging with the project to diversify opportunities within the once nomadic community creating a more holistic experience for travellers and consumers alike.

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Crafting the Loop • exploring the role of craft in recycling, reclaiming and renewing

Crafting the loop explores the way in which crafts-based social enterprises engage with waste, disused or unwanted materials to create something new, useful and meaningful. Through a process of recycling, reclaiming and renewing, craft becomes an advocate for social and environmental awareness and change.

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Engaging Tourism with Craft Experiences

Creating engaging craft experiences for tourists is an effective way for crafts-based social enterprises to increase awareness of their social mission. Bringing together the world of the producer and the curiosity of the consumer, craft becomes a tool which inspires conversation, engagement and social value.

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Posted by:Alexandra Sommer