We are excited to be a part of this year’s Craft Cubed Festival, hosted by Craft Victoria. As part of the event we will be launching our new online podcast series. Here we will delve deeper into the different insight themes explored by The Décologist through interviews with our Craft Network Members, their founders and leading changemakers in the field of crafts-based social enterprise. You will be able to enjoy weekly releases of new conversations throughout the month of August, all accessible through your favourite Podcast platforms or via our website’s Conversation portal.

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Engaging Tourism with Craft Experience :  Creating engaging craft experiences for tourists is an effective way for crafts-based social enterprises to increase awareness of their social mission. Bringing together the world of the producer and the curiosity of the consumer, craft becomes a tool which inspires conversation, engagement and social value.

Crafting the Loop : Crafting the loop explores the way in which crafts-based social enterprises engage with waste, disused or unwanted materials to create something new, useful and meaningful. Through a process of recycling, reclaiming and renewing, craft becomes an advocate for social and environmental awareness and change.

Responsive Craft Spaces : increasing support and engagement through safe and flexible work places : We take a look at how the flexible, adaptable and supplemental nature of craft influences the space of craft practice. In this space, social enterprises are able to engage craft to nurture, heal and empower their artisans, creating environments that respond to diverse social needs.

Posted by:Alexandra Sommer