Continuing local hand craft traditions through ethical and sustainable business and design

Mitsein collaborates with communities of artisans in Quang Nam, Vietnam and Takeo, Cambodia; two regions that still have low income averages and an ongoing struggle to resist the pull towards cities and factory work. Through collaborating with local artisans Mitsein sees an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through supporting the continuation of craft traditions and sustainable village life.

Mitsein’s artisans are provided consistent work as well as the choice to balance handicraft with the demands of farming and raising a family. Mitsein works with their partners and artisans to ensure workers are paid well above International Fair Wage Guide recommendations in a safe and healthy environment.

Mitsein uses sustainable rattan sourced from Quang Nam Province where, for the last 5 years, 40 villages have been taking part in a WWF program; learning sustainable harvesting and clean processing techniques.





Posted by:Alexandra Sommer