Ock Pop Tok, meaning ‘East meets West’, works to elevate the profile of Lao textiles and artisans through fair trade; increasing economic opportunities for artisans, and facilitating creative and educational collaborations in Laos and worldwide.

Ock Pop Tok works from a platform of fair trade, which is reflected in their commitment to pay fair wages, ensure safe working conditions and cultivate local and international markets that provide a sustainable source of income for artisans and their communities.

Based in Luang Prabang, Ock Pop Tok works with the finest, locally sourced raw materials, overseeing all aspects of production to ensure the highest quality handmade products. Their local craft network extends to remote villages in all corners of Laos, providing invaluable support and sustainable incomes to grass-roots producers helping continue Laos’ rich tradition in textiles.

Ock Pop Tok are strong supporters of women’s empowerment as a means to promoting economic stability and leadership opportunities, as women drive the force behind Ock Pop Tok and the handicraft industry. They are an international team that shares a common passion for textiles and cultural exchange, working together in ways that are creative, positive and fun.



Email: info@ockpoptok.com
Website: www.ockpoptok.com