Sri Lanka’s only Fair Trade Guaranteed company, Selyn is transforming lives and translating tradition through hand-loomed crafts

Founded in 1991 by Sandra Wanduragala, Selyn started its work with 15 women in the village of Wanduragala in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Joined shortly thereafter by her brother, Hilary Wanduragala, Selyn now has nearly 1000 members within its organisation. Selyn is Sri Lanka’s only Fair Trade guaranteed company and supplies to Fair Traders and commercial customers all over the world.

The tradition of the loom takes its roots at the very inception of Sri Lankan history. Today the industry faces decline due to various reasons ranging from the lack of skilled experience, uncompetitive market prices, outdated designs and lack of infrastructure and technology.

Selyn takes on this challenge to revive their heritage and extend its benefits to rural women and men. Selyn’s fundamental values stem from the very foundation of their organization. Selyn is primarily committed to quality and to innovative design: their dye house gives you all the colours of a rainbow and their handloom workshops weave a myriad of fabrics, which become home textiles, garments and toys. Selyn’s local showrooms also house a beautiful variety of handicrafts inspired by Sri Lanka’s traditional industries and modified to suit modern tastes and trends.

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Home Décor, textiles, clothing, accessories, toys 


WFTO Guaranteed Member