Revitalising traditional basket weaving and continuing a generational exchange of craft knowledge

WomenCraft is a community-driven social enterprise operating from Ngara, Tanzania, within the hills of Mafiga Matatu, a remote tri-border region between Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi. Their mission is to increase economic opportunity in the post-conflict, tri-border area by bringing rural women together, facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the global marketplace.

WomenCraft employs more than 300 skilled Tanzanian, Burundian and Rwandan women. By reviving their cultural craft and connecting their products with global markets, WomenCraft has helped artisans to advance themselves, raise stronger families, stimulate their local economies and inspire the world around them.

Womencraft’s range of natural, hand-made products preserve cultural traditions as well as the local environment. The grasses and banana stalk used in production are cultivated locally and fabrics are purchased at local markets. WomenCraft revives the importance of basket weaving in the area by enabling women to pass on the basket weaving tradition to their daughters as an income generating opportunity.





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