The Décologist has been invited to present a workshop at the upcoming World Fair Trade Organisation’s 14th Biennial Conference which will be held in New Delhi, India, this November. The conference will bring together members and supporters of the WFTO for a week-long event which will explore the theme ‘Fair Trade: a Path to Sustainable Development’.

Workshop Overview

Presented by Alexandra Sommer, founder of The Décologist – an online platform and educational design hub for crafts-based social enterprises (CBSEs).

The presentation will explore fair trade as a creative process, introducing different tools and strategies that may be engaged to facilitate expression, identity and empowerment through design.

During the workshop we will explore a selection of themes and case studies which address some of the challenges facing CBSE’s, and demonstrate successful applications of ethical design processes.

For further information please visit the conference website at:
Posted by:Alexandra Sommer