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// Available from 11 August 2017

Quazi Design is a social enterprise based in Swaziland engaging craft to transform magazine paper waste into beautiful jewelry and home decor items.

In our conversation with Founder Doron Shaltiel, we learn how Quazi Design was built upon utilising the waste from the local commercial magazine industry and through a process of exploring materiality, testing and prototyping, they have created a range of products which successfully challenges people’s perception of paper and waste.

Our conversation also touches upon building a contemporary Swazi identity; exploring how the intuitive growth of their ranges has subconsciously drawn upon the influence of traditional Swazi craft shared by the artisans. What has emerged in their products is an expression of a new Swazi identity born from a contemporary, urban context and connected through the intergenerational exchange of craft knowledge.

Crafting the Loop • exploring the role of craft in recycling, reclaiming and renewing

Crafting the loop explores the way in which crafts-based social enterprises engage with waste, disused or unwanted materials to create something new, useful and meaningful. Through a process of recycling, reclaiming and renewing, craft becomes an advocate for social and environmental awareness and change.

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Featured image: Copyright © Quazi Design
Posted by:Alexandra Sommer